Simply Sock Hop Party Box

We recently did a Simply Party Box for an 8yr olds birthday sock hop!

The customer decided that they wanted the wall hanging and decorations to be functional, so we made a black poodle skirt and teal and black poodles so they could play Pin the Poodle on the Skirt. 

image2 image1


Each party guest got to take home their own poodle and a hula hoop party favor.

image4 image11


The party is always made in the details. These Sock Hoppers enjoyed hot dogs, root beer and a root beer float cake. Don’t forget to play 1950’s games and music too!

image8 image9 image7 945229_10201226415530946_365490504_n


Here is a sample of what they got in their Simply Party Box:

plastic-tablecloths-teal image2 image5 image4 15915-cz b4df245724a8703400edb2504f96eb71

black-paper-cups-BLACCUPSB Black-PaperDinner-Plate7 il_570xN.370277347_1xrz sock_hop_lunch_napkins 7510-cz  image1


Looks like the birthday girl enjoyed her special day!




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