It’s All In the Details

Simply Party Boxes are made to take the stress out of throwing the perfect party but it also frees up time for you  to add some special touches.

We always say that the party is made in the details! If you look at our Simply Sock Hop Party Box blog post you will notice that the hostess served 1950’s  themed foods, played 1950’s music and games. They even dressed the part!


One of the best ways to pull things together is to make sure that the colors all coordinate. Put those left over Christmas plates away!

Plan what music and foods you are going to serve.

Here are Mad Science themed treats,

Jell-O Petri Dish for a science themed party! Gross and cute!

Source: Pure Joy Events

pool party favors | Pool Party Favors - Oriental Trading

Source: Oriental Trading Company 

Lady bug pretzels

And for a big bang you can get a custom cake made!

Popcorn Cupcakes

These are Popcorn Cupcakes from Simply Cheyenne 

grooms cake

Also, think about what types of games you can play. For a baseball theme party , you could have the adults vs the kids baseball game. The possibilities are endless. When you order a Simply Party Box, we include ideas for you to add to your party to make it Simply perfect!


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