Setting the Table

There are many different ways to set a table for a party.  In the instructions that come with your Simply Party Box, we show you how to set the table with individual place settings, like this:

Cute table setting!

But there are many different ways to set the table! One of the most popular is to make a dessert or buffet table like these:

Wedding/ Shower dessert table

Buffet tables set up like this are great if you are having a more casual party setting , where guests will walk around and mingle instead of sit at one spot.

The trick is to make sure everything is clearly labeled, within reach and kept very orderly. We like to use boxes under our tablecloths to make different levels for the food trays to add variation and height.

10 Christmas Buffet Table Ideas on Tabletop Tuesday \  Decorating Files | #christmasbuffetable

If you would rather have a more traditional table setting but want to add a bit of flare to other aspects of your party, you can set favors out in rows along with games or water bottles instead for a similar effect.

The possibilities are endless! The best advice we can give is have FUN and get CREATIVE! Oh and don’t forget to take a picture and Instagram  #simplyparty !


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