6 Pack Utensil Caddy

Learn how to make this for your next party with a 6 pack, glue and the paper mats you get with your Simply Party Box:


First, remove the beer, you can do this by placing it in the fridge for later use or you can drink it. (If you drink it please wait until you are sober to start this project.)

Once you have an empty 6 pack container find a flat surface to work on and gather your supplies.

1-      Apply glue evenly on one side of your 6 pack. 


2-      Place the decorative paper on that side and use the table to help push it down into place.

3-      With the 6 pack laying paper down, cut the excess pieces of paper off.  Continue until all 4 side are covered. 


4-      To cover the handle by folding a piece of the decorative paper over the top of the handle and cut it so it covers both sides,  then glue it down!

5-      If you want to add some embellishment ( or if you have some imperfections you would like you cover) you can glue ribbon on the edges.


6-      Now you are finished! But, let it dry before you add your utensils.

PS: If you want to add napkins you can cut the divider out of the inside, like this:


If you decide to make this awesome caddy, take a pic and send it to us on Instagram  #simplyparty !”


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