Simply Purple Party Recap

Last week we had the pleasure of providing a Simply Party Box for our dear friends, The Wine Club with a Reading Problem, for their monthly book club meeting.   Usually they have their meetings at local restaurants but this time one fearless member, Dani,  hosted the meeting at her home to show off her newly remodeled backyard. Not only was the backyard stunning, the company was excellent!


When Dani decided to host she gave us a call to see what we would do for her party. Here are the details she gave us:

Party Theme: Books, Reading, Wine (but I like beer better)

Party Colors: My favorite color, purple!

Party Location: It will be outside, in AZ, on my patio.

Number of Guests: 10-15 are expected

Any Other Notes:  The party will be buffet style and I don’t want any favors.

Now, we will admit, our founder, Cheyenne, and Dani are BFF’s so we had a little advantage when picking the perfect decorations! But , Cheyenne insisted that we treat this order the same as any others.

Dani ordered the Simply Soiree Party Box, here is what was included:


Ceiling Decorations

Fabric Tablecloth

Handmade Centerpiece(s) – tag- we used beer bottle for these because Dani mentioned she likes beer better then wine.

16 balloons – tag- Dani decided to only use the balloons in the ceiling decoration to save her breath.

10 paper place mats

10 paper lunch plates

10 paper dessert plates

10 sets of disposable utensils (fork, knife and spoon)

10 napkins

10 paper straws

10 paper cups

10 cupcake papers

sprinkles for cupcakes

Ribbon/String for hanging balloons and other decor

Set up Instructions

Tape  – Dani didn’t even need to use it, so now she has extra tape at home, score!


It only took Dani 20 minutes to set up her Simply Party Box and the only thing she got help with was blowing up the balloons! Here are the pictures of how Dani set up her Simply Party Box:

P1040412 P1040425P1040432 P1040431P1040417 P1040435P1040438 P1040413

Since Dani did not have a table setting she used the paper mats as runners for each table.


She also made this utensil caddy from a 6 pack, you can get the instructions here:


Using the EXACT same items, but with instructions on setting a tablescape, we set up like this in our office:


Do you have a get together coming up? Contact us today to get more info about ordering your Simply Party Box!


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