Color inspiration can come from anywhere!

Color is one of the most important aspects of any party. It sets the mood, supports the theme and reflects the guest of honor. We suggest that you use 2 colors for your party, keeping it simple makes it easy to the eye and having contrast makes it pop. There are many places to get color inspiration. One of the things we love to do is browse through pictures of other parties, weddings and even home décor ideas.

when I move back home, I think I am going to redo my bedroom with this pallet (not because it is my favorite, but because most of my current decorations fit into it.)

One of our recent parties, Simply Purple Party, was inspired by a formal wedding we had seen a picture of.

the next purple party idea

When you are not sure of what theme to choose, you can start by asking what your favorite colors are or what colors represent the purpose of the party (like red, white and blue for a 4th of July party)

4th of July

Black with other colors makes a bold statement, while soft colors and white keep things calm.

Striped table runner.

Ice cream party

And don’t forget you can deviate from the norm, which makes your party memorable and adds a bit of pizzazz! One of our favorites was a gender reveal we came across, where the color representing girls was purple and boys was green.

Green and Purple - Little HE or Little She gender reveal.

Whatever colors you choose we are sure your party will be a hit!


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