Below are a few of our frequently asked questions.

Do I have to buy a party box? What if I only need a few things?

-We do offer a la carte party supplies, some of our most popular are favors and invitations.  Contact us for more details and pricing.

Do I get to pick my exact items?

-When you place your order we send you an Order Questionnaire and we ask if you have something specific in mind for any of the party items, although we cannot guarantee to accommodate them, for a number of reasons, we always try our hardest or find an alternative that you agree to.

Do I get to pick the colors?

-Yes! When you place your order we send you an Order Questionnaire and we ask what colors you are looking for. We suggest using 2 to 3 colors for your party, unless it’s a rainbow party!

What if I want a specific theme?

-You pick your theme! If we are unfamiliar with it we will ask you for more information or pictures. We have done everything from Honeybee Baby Showers to 30th Birthday Costume parties!

Do you set it up?

-We do not set up your Simply Party Box, it gets delivered to your door for you to set up. But don’t stress, there are step by step instructions to help you, along with other tips to make your party a hit!

How do I blow up the balloons?

-Your balloons arrive deflated for you to inflate either with hot air or you can purchase helium from your nearest party supply store or Walmart. If you are looking for non-helium balloon ideas check out our blog post, Full of Hot Air.

Why is your logo white & yellow?

-Because we think that white and yellow are happy colors : )

Do you only do kids parties?

-We do ALL types of parties, each one is custom made to fit your theme and color scheme. We do everything from Bridal Showers to 100th birthdays and everything in-between!

What if I want an “adult” themed party, like a bachelorette/bachelor party or divorce party?

-We do any type of party! Although, that being said, we only do parties that do not harm or show hate towards others. Parties are fun happy events, we want to keep them that way!

What if I waited till the last minute? Can you rush a delivery?

-We do offer rush service at an additional fee. Contact us today for more details.

I am not sure how many guests will arrive, can I order just extra plates, cups, napkins and silverware?

-Yes! When you fill out your Order Questionnaire we ask how many guests you will have and include pricing for the additional items you may need.

Why would I use you if I could just go to the store and buy all this stuff myself?

-You could go drive around town to different store to get all your party supplies, and spend hours putting together favors, invites and centerpieces but we want to save you all that time and stress! We want to make your party as simple and stress free as possible, so you can enjoy it just as much as your guests!

What if I don’t want an item in the box, like cupcake papers?

-Just let us know what you want to exchange or omit when you fill out your Order Questionnaire and we will adjust the price accordingly.

Do you only do social parties or do you do corporate events too?

-As we mentioned above, we do ALL types of parties, this includes large corporate functions to small meetings. Contact us today for more details!

Do you offer full service event planning?

-Yes we do for local AZ customers and travel on occasion. Contact us for more details.


Did we miss something? Then let us know and we’ll answer it right away!

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