Order Questionnaire

When you place your order we follow up with our Order Questionnaire to make sure we get everything you are looking for. Here is a sample so you know what questions we will be asking:

Thanks so much for your interest in Simply Party Box! Below is the questionnaire, the more information the better. If you haven’t yet, go to the website and take a look at what size party box you are interested in, or if you would like to purchase items al a carte.

Please answer the questions as best you can. If you are still thinking of themes you can check out our Pinterest page for inspiration! http://www.pinterest.com/simplypartybox/

Party Box Choice:

Party Date:


Party Location: (indoors at a house? Outside at the park? This could change some of the decorations.)

Party theme:

Party Colors: (We suggest 2 or 3 colors unless it is a rainbow party)

Number of guests: (each party box is set up for 10 guests, but place settings, center pieces and favors can be made to accommodate more guests at an additional cost.)

That about covers it! If you have any thing specific that you would like us to include or leave out please let us know. Each order takes about 2 weeks to complete and will be delivered right to your door, with instructions for how to set everything up and tips for making your party perfect! Once We have the details we will send over a quote for you to approve, followed by a Paypal invoice for the purchase.

Let us know if you have any questions!



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