Simply The Doctor Party Box

This one is for all the Whovians out there!

We recently completed a Simlpy Dr. Who Party Box for a 13th Birthday. Boy, was this a fun box to make! It required lots of research (marathons of watching Dr. Who) and lots of discussions about ideas.

This was a Simply Extravaganza Order and included:

  • 10 custom made invitations

These were one of the most challenging invites we have made, not because they are difficult but coming up with the idea, and actually none of us came up with it, the owners 11 yr old son said, “ You should make it psychic paper!” For those who don’t know, The Doctor has a bill fold with paper in it that will show you what ever needs to be shown. In this case, it had to be the invitation details.


  • Wall and Ceiling Decoration

Because each Simply Party Box is custom we were able to do both a wall and ceiling decoration. The Doctor is a space and time lord so we chose a ceiling decoration of planets and his time travel machine, the Tardis, for the wall.


  • Fabric Tablecloth

Again, going with the space lord theme we chose a galaxy print tablecloth.


  • Centerpiece

“Don’t Blink” one of the most famous characters are Weeping Angels. They move so fast that they can take you away without anyone ever seeing them move, and they do so when you blink. It was only fitting that we purchase “weeping” garden angels for the centerpiece! These Weeping Angels were a HIT with the 13 yr old party guests.


  • 16 balloons
  • Ribbon/String for hanging balloons and other decor

Based on the size of the space the balloons were strung across that back wall above the Tardis. We chose Tardis color balloons, black, white, blue and silver.


  • 10 paper place mats
  • 10 paper lunch plates
  • 10 paper dessert plates
  • 10 paper straws
  • 10 paper cups
  • 10 sets of disposable utensils (fork, knife and spoon)
  • 10 napkins

These are simple sparkly star placemats, Tardis blue plates and cups with blue and white paper straws and silver dessert plates. One of our favorite additions to the party. The 11th Doctor often wore a red bow tie and proclaimed that, “Bow ties are cool!” so naturally we folded the napkins around the silverware to make them look like red bow ties!

IMG_6228 IMG_6227 IMG_6226

  • 10 cupcake papers
  • sprinkles for cupcakes
  • Instead of cupcake picks we sent number “13” sparklers

In our Simply Party Boxes we often offer up themed food ideas and for this party we gave an example of a galaxy cupcake. The cupcake papers were blue and the sprinkles were silver stars.


Along with the theme food ideas we suggested “Bowtie” pasta with marinara, “Cassandra” pizza and bananas. Because, ” You should always take a banana to a party.”

IMG_6238 IMG_6236 IMG_6234

  • 10 favors

The bow ties are cool but this is the coolest addition to the party. We wanted to make sure the favors reflected the age of the guests and the theme so we decided to make our own tea cups with Doctor Who quotes on them. Honeslty, I think the whole office are Whovians now, we geeked out a little bit with these ; )

IMG_6199 IMG_6203 IMG_6204 IMG_6206 IMG_6208 IMG_6209

  • 10 treat bags

The 13 yr old birthday girl decided that treat bags were too kid like and opted for these chocolate Tardis and Daleks instead. We purchased these at SugarAndSpicArts shop on Etsy.  To make sure everything went home we made Tardi (we were told that Tardi is the plural of Tardis) favor bags.


And of course we ALWAYS provide you with

  • Set up Instructions
  • Tape and Scissors

To make sure you can set up with out a hitch.

IMG_6219 IMG_6211

It sure looks like this birthday girl enjoyed her Simply The Doctor Party!


To see more Doctor Who party ideas check out our Simply The Doctor board on Pinterest.



5 thoughts on “Simply The Doctor Party Box

    • Wendy, aren’t they cute and they are super simple! I iced chocolate cupcakes with white frosting and then used blue and purple food color spray, sold in the cake section of craft stores, and sprayed each side. Then I sprinkled them with star shaped sprinkles. If you can find edible glitter it would be a good addition too. I just used regular sparklers instead of candles to give it and extra pop! Hope that helps and have fun baking!

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