It’s All Fun and Games!

Throwing a party for your kids is memorable and fun but it can also get stressful and chaotic! Keep your party from spiraling out of control by having a handful of games ready to go at a moments notice! Here is a list of kids games we like to have ready on party day:

  • Freeze dance. Super easy and the kids LOVE to do it. Turn on the radio, everyone and dances. When the music stops you have to freeze or you are out! Sometimes we don’t even have people be out, we just keep restarting because it’s so much fun!
  • Don’t drop the balloon! Take a balloon , blow it up and toss it in the air! Everyone in responsible to make sure the balloon stays up in the air and does not touch the ground!
  • Balloon Dance! This one is super fun! Each guest picks a partner and they have to dance with a balloon stuck between the two of them. You can change where the balloon is, belly, head, knee…. When the balloon falls your team is out. The last team left dancing is the winner.
  • Simon Says. This is the same game you played as a kid… you can change it up by having the birthday girl or boy be Simon!
  • Guess How Many. Get a jar, fill it with a candy or an small item that matches the theme or colors of the party and have the kids guess how many of that item is in the jar. The child with the closest guess wins the jar!
  • Pin the Tail on the Donkey. We actually like to change this up a bit and make it match the theme of the party. For our Simply Sock Hop Party Box we did Pin the Poodle on the Skirt. You can have little princesses put on lipstick and kiss the frog to make him a prince, or pin the light saber on Darth Vadar. The possibilities are endless!

These are great ways to keep the kids engaged in the party and make the party more enjoyable for your guests!

Do you have any more ideas to add? Let us know!

Simply Sock Hop Party Box

Simply Sock Hop Party Box


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