Simply Under the Sea Party Box

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of creating a Simply Under the Sea Party Box for a very special 10 year old. This was not only a celebration for turning double digits but it was also her golden birthday!


The birthday girl specifically asked for lime green, purple and teal with splashes of gold. And she wanted it to be more ocean themed instead of “beachy” or mermaid focused.

The venue was a local public pool so there were some restrictions on what we could do and only had one table to work with. Here is what this Simply Under the Sea Party Box included:

1 teal table cloth with gold fish netting


1 lime green seaweed streamer backdrop


1 purple coral centerpiece


1 3-tier cupcake stand

IMG_7696 IMG_7710

1 3-tier faux cake for drama


The customer was local so we had them hunt for sticks to make the coral on a hiking trip they took. They customer provided the treasure box and party favors.


All said and done I think this mermaid had a splashing good time!




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